Heads – Monoprints 2015-2020

This book features 92 monoprints from artist Gustavo Costa Fernandes made between 2015 and 2020 that focus entirely on portraits. Its essay contribution is by Kathryn Lloyd (Burlington Contemporary).

Design by PG Howlin’ Studio
100 pages, 148 x 210mm

ISBN 978-1-3999-0462-9

First published 2023, edition of 100 copies
“Fernandes’s Heads are composed from a series of seemingly unconnected marks: lines, smudges, brushstrokes, blots and dots. They are created through acts of delineation and removal, of streaking, scraping and scratching. In some, eyes peer out from a mass of skin, the texture of which is more akin to bandages, falling away in chunks. In others, the head is so abstracted it resembles a flower, either caught in the act of opening up or shedding its leaves. The unnamed and unknown beings that Fernandes draws from are wrangled into (re)existence through the alchemical process of printmaking.“ – Kathryn Lloyd